Beth’s Friday Favorite-Dry Shampoo

The search for a dry shampoo that actually works for me has been a very long process. For years I have been jealous of everyone who would use dry shampoo and have good, non oily hair. I tried many different brands thru the years and I came to the conclusion that my 2nd day hair would have to be pulled up into a ponytail and my hair would look oily and gross by 2:00 pm…until 2 months ago and I tried Living Proof’s new Advanced Clean dry shampoo. It actually works for me. I can wear my hair down and it looks clean all day long!

It’s good for all hair types, removes oil and leaves no residue in my hair. I highly recommend for anyone who has struggled with getting dry shampoo to work for them. Let me know if you’ve used it or if you give it a try…I’d love to know what you think of it.

Have a great weekend!

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