Friday Favorites!

Hooray, it’s Friday!  This week has been one of those weeks that seemed to drag on, but Friday is finally here:)  The past 2 weeks my house has been filled with fevers, coughs and runny noses and after everyone in my house got some much-needed rest (and I Clorox wiped and Lysol’d till my fingers were numb!!) I’m happy to be back and sharing some things that I’ve been loving.   Ready…here we go…


Ok, now let me tell you why I’m liking all of these things so much.
The first thing I want to tell you about it this cuticle remover from Deborah Lippmann. I have always had cuticles that require some extra TLC and this is perfect for them. You brush it on your cuticles and it softens them up in a snap. Then use your cuticle pusher to push them back…it works like magic!*

This butter body cream came in my FabFitFun box (if you are interested in joining FabFitFun feel free to click on the link above to join) and it smells soooo good. It has notes of tangerine, mandarin, peach, bergamot, mango, black current, musk and vanilla and is sitting on my night stand. It smells great and is very moisturizing. I find it a tad greasy so I have been putting it on at night before I go to bed…perfect for keeping my hands and feet nice and soft here in the Midwest!*

This palette is the perfect combination of 8 shadows and comes with a day/night guide too. The color Rose Gold is my fave and is the perfect blend of rose, bronze, taupe and gold-just beautiful. (While looking for the link for this I discovered it’s sold out everywhere online, but you never know, they could restock it-sorry!)
My dermo recommended Cerave cleanser to me about a year ago (and I love it). I’ve still been on the hunt for a good daytime moisturizer for my skin with SPF. I saw this the other day and had to try it. It recently came out so there were no reviews to read, but I took a chance and I’m glad I did. The box states that it won’t clog pores,is fragrance free,contains encapsulated retinol to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and has an SPF of 30. So far this is a good match for my skin and hasn’t made it look shiny, but once the temps warm up it will be the true test!*

I saw this while I was waiting in the checkout line. I tried it when I got home and I LOVED it! I have already been back to the store to buy more and my daughter’s have been asking for them in their lunches! These fruit bars only contain 2 ingredients…that’s it:) They have no sugar added, are all natural, gluten-free, vegan and have 3g of fiber. I think they are perfect for on the go or an after school snack. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea! I have tried the apple/cherry, apple/pear and apple/blueberry bars and they all taste yummy.  They have a lot my flavors too, those are just a few that they offer.  (I found these at Whole Foods and Target.)

Well those are some of my favorites from the week. What are you liking?

Have a great weekend.

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Philosophy Purity Made Simple Review

I have used the same cleanser for years, but a few months ago I noticed the places I use to get it from didn’t have it anymore and so I had to start going online to order it. (When that starts happening to things I use I always think that it might be discontinued soon).  I started researching different cleansers to see what my options were.  (I’m in my thirties, my skin which has always been oily is starting to become more combination and I break out VERY easily.)  One cleanser I kept hearing about was Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it presented on QVC or read about it one blogs and magazines, but I was always worried that since it was an “all in one” cleanser that was for all skin types that I would break out from it  or it would cause my skin to become even more oily.  I tried using another brand of cleanser that was a gel and it dried my skin out (seriously first time this has ever happened to my skin!) so I decided to go ahead and give Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple a try.  My skin will react very quickly to products irritate it, but to be fair waited 3 weeks to even write this review and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this cleanser!  I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to give it a try.  It is so nice not to have to use a separate makeup remover before cleansing my face…the stuff seriously removes my mascara and long wearing eye liner without the slightest burn to my eyes.  My face feels clean and soft after I use it and I have had no breakouts either.  I’m so happy with this cleanser from Philosophy that I’m going to try some of their the skincare products too!  If you have something from Philosophy that you like I’d love for you to share it with me.

Estee Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum review

I added something new to my morning skincare routine and I’m really liking it!  I saw an ad for a new line of skincare Estee Lauder has called Clear Difference and got online to check it out.  It consist of three products that help those who have problems with blemished skin.  They have a serum, spot treatment and a BB cream.  My initial thought was to get all 3 products, but I controlled myself and just purchased the serum.  I have been using it daily for about a month and a half and for about the last 5 weeks haven’t had any breakouts at all!  Seriously none!  It is a lightweight serum that I put on prior to my morning moisturizer and it sinks right it to my skin and feels really lightweight.  I have noticed my face doesn’t look or feel as oily as it use to and I didn’t experience any dryness on my skin either.  Their website reads:

Finally, a grown-up solution to blemishes. This fast-acting serum reveals clearer, smoother, fresher skin.Targets, treats and dramatically reduces the look of blemishes. Helps prevent new ones from forming and stop the breakout cycle.86% of women said their skin looked clearer and healthier in just 1 week.*Suitable for all ethnicities.

The Clear Difference Anti-Blemish Collection: See the dramatic change in how your skin looks and feels with our Triple Action Clarity Technology. With the proven power of salicylic acid, it helps stop the breakout cycle, free skin of flakiness, control oil and refine pores. Be confident. The difference is clear.

Estee Lauder

 I have had wonderful results with this serum and my next purchase is going to be their BB cream.  It is oil free, oil controlling and helps reduce to look of pores.  It comes in an 1 oz. and 1.7 oz. and is in a bottle with a pump.  I only use one pump of it so it seems like it will last me awhile to.  The 1 oz. bottle is $54.00 and the 1.7 oz. bottle is $82.00 (USD).  I bought the 1 oz. bottle, but when I repurchase will get the bigger size.  Yes I know it might be a little pricey, but the personal results I’ve had made it worth it.  Have you tried any of the products from this line?

Have a great day!

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleanser Review

I have heard about Mario Badescu products in the past, but never have tried any of them.  I got a free sample of their Enzyme Cleanser from Ulta and I wanted to learn more about it before I used it so I got online and checked out their website.


The reviews I read were all positive and the Enzyme Cleanseris a  gel formula and has  Alpha Hydroxy Acid.   I like the way it smells…like botanicals!  My face feels super soft after I use this, but the one big drawback I have is that it is non foaming.  I know it’s all in my head, but I like to feel my face cleanser foaming up as I apply it to my face.  When I apply this cleanser it doesn’t foam and then when I use my Clarisonic it feels rough on my skin.  I took it with me when I was on vacation last week because it was a nice travel size, but the jury is still out!  I like the way it smells, the way my face feels when I’m done using it and it hasn’t caused me to break out…thank goodness!!  I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t foam so I might use this as a morning cleanser instead of at night with my Clarisonic.  Have you tried this cleanser?  If so  I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Have a great day.

My favorite facial cleanser…and it’s from the drugstore!

I have been using Alpha Hydrox The Original Foaming Face Wash for over 3 years and I honestly can’t remember who or where I heard about it!  I have tried so many face washes for oily skin and hadn’t been overly impressed with any of them.  I always spent a lot of money on them and none of them seemed worth it.  I do remember being nervous about using a drugstore cleanser and worried it would break me out, but for some reason I decided to try Alpha Hydrox  and I’m so glad I did!  Here we are over three years later and this is the cleanser I use every night (with my Clarisonic of coarse!) and I’m really, really happy with it.  It doesn’t dry me out or make me break out and my face feels really comfortable after I use it.  I also LOVE that it isn’t full of fragrance!  Here is what the box reads:

Gently cleanses while maintaining skin’s moisture level. Safely and effectively removes eye makeup. Removes impurities and environmental pollutants. Rich-foaming lather rinses clean, leaving no irritating residue. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and fresh, never dry. This product is designed for all skin types, although those with oily or problem-prone skin will truly benefit from this clarifying cleanser. It leaves your skin at the right pH for effective use of Alpha Hydrox AHA products. 


This face wash foams up well without using to much of it.  Also it’s oil, soap and fragrance free!  The last thing about it is the price!  I love that it doesn’t cost a fortune (I get mine from Walgreens for $9.50 for 6.0 oz.).  I’m not sure why this product doesn’t get more buzz, but that’s fine with me!  Have you every used this cleanser?  I’d love to know if you love it as much as I do!  Have a great day!

Friday Favorite!

Happy Friday!  I thought I’d share something that I’ve been enjoying for a couple weeks now & call it my “Friday Favorite”!  A lot of blogs I read do this too, but have a list of products, not just one.  I’m just giving you one today because I like it that much!  The product I’m talking about is Olay Regenerist Hydra Swirl Eye Cream.  The box reads:

Reveal even skin tone under eye areas with Olay Regenerist Luminous Dark Circle Correcting Hydraswirl.  The distinctive dual-swirl formula reveals more radiant skin in two ways:  First, gel hydrates to nourish your skin for a younger, firmer look.  Next, luxurious cream softens lines for smoother-looking skin.  Ophthalmologist tested, this lightweight formula reduces the look of dark circles and fine lines and quickly brightens the area around your eyes.Use it every morning and night for continued results over time.  Our formula starts to work from day one, quickly revealing skin that is smoother and more radiant.  With daily use, you’ll see a noticeable difference in more even skin over time.


What caught my attention is that it’s lightweight and helps reduce the look of dark circles, fine lines and brightens your eye area too!  (The swirly look of it was pretty cool looking too!)  I have been using this product for 3 weeks and have noticed my eye area looks hydrated, under my eyes doesn’t look as puffy and the look of my fine lines appear softened.  I really like the consistency of it too…it’s like a light cream and a gel and when you pump the product out it feels really soft and lightweight.  It doesn’t leave my eye area feeling or looking greasy, it just looks brightened!  I bought this from Walgreens and it was in the $23.99-$26.99 price range (sorry I can’t find my receipt).  Yes this is a little more than you would expect to pay for a drugstore products, but I decided to go for it and I’m glad I did!  Have you tried this product?  If so I’d love to hear you thoughts on it.