Friday Favorites!

Hooray, it’s Friday!  This week has been one of those weeks that seemed to drag on, but Friday is finally here:)  The past 2 weeks my house has been filled with fevers, coughs and runny noses and after everyone in my house got some much-needed rest (and I Clorox wiped and Lysol’d till my fingers were numb!!) I’m happy to be back and sharing some things that I’ve been loving.   Ready…here we go…


Ok, now let me tell you why I’m liking all of these things so much.
The first thing I want to tell you about it this cuticle remover from Deborah Lippmann. I have always had cuticles that require some extra TLC and this is perfect for them. You brush it on your cuticles and it softens them up in a snap. Then use your cuticle pusher to push them back…it works like magic!*

This butter body cream came in my FabFitFun box (if you are interested in joining FabFitFun feel free to click on the link above to join) and it smells soooo good. It has notes of tangerine, mandarin, peach, bergamot, mango, black current, musk and vanilla and is sitting on my night stand. It smells great and is very moisturizing. I find it a tad greasy so I have been putting it on at night before I go to bed…perfect for keeping my hands and feet nice and soft here in the Midwest!*

This palette is the perfect combination of 8 shadows and comes with a day/night guide too. The color Rose Gold is my fave and is the perfect blend of rose, bronze, taupe and gold-just beautiful. (While looking for the link for this I discovered it’s sold out everywhere online, but you never know, they could restock it-sorry!)
My dermo recommended Cerave cleanser to me about a year ago (and I love it). I’ve still been on the hunt for a good daytime moisturizer for my skin with SPF. I saw this the other day and had to try it. It recently came out so there were no reviews to read, but I took a chance and I’m glad I did. The box states that it won’t clog pores,is fragrance free,contains encapsulated retinol to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and has an SPF of 30. So far this is a good match for my skin and hasn’t made it look shiny, but once the temps warm up it will be the true test!*

I saw this while I was waiting in the checkout line. I tried it when I got home and I LOVED it! I have already been back to the store to buy more and my daughter’s have been asking for them in their lunches! These fruit bars only contain 2 ingredients…that’s it:) They have no sugar added, are all natural, gluten-free, vegan and have 3g of fiber. I think they are perfect for on the go or an after school snack. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea! I have tried the apple/cherry, apple/pear and apple/blueberry bars and they all taste yummy.  They have a lot my flavors too, those are just a few that they offer.  (I found these at Whole Foods and Target.)

Well those are some of my favorites from the week. What are you liking?

Have a great weekend.

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Friday Favorites

I hope you all had a wonderful week.  Here are some of my favorites that I’ve been using this week…

I kept hearing people say how great this cup was but I had always loved my Tervis so I never bought one. Fast forward to right before Christmas and not one but two of my Tervis cups cracked so I decided to try the YETI Rambler. All I can say is wow! This cup keeps my water cold for hours. I fill it up with ice, add my water and lemon in the morning and the ice is still in the cup at dinnertime. Yes, I have to refill the cup with water, but not ice! This is been very helpful with my quest to drink more water.

I use Philosophy Purity to wash my face, but sometimes not all of my mascara comes off so I started using Clinique Take The Day Off and it takes it off! (No pun intended 😉)  It is gentle on my eyes and after I rinse with water there is no oily residue.  It gets the job done quick!

I bought this candle around the holidays and it has been a nice change from the holiday scents that I’ve been burning for what seems like a long time! I love those scents, but this is a lighter, fruiter scent that combines peach and vanilla together. I liked it so much that I went to get another one and they were sold out!! The sales person suggested Georgia Peach, which is similar to Golden Peach Sparkle. Georgia Peach is a combination of the peach and vanilla that I really like with a hint of a floral undertone too. I haven’t burned it yet, but all of the online reviews are good so I’m hopeful that is smells similar when I burn it!

I hope you all have a great weekend.  Super Bowl is on Sunday and if you need some ideas check out my Pinterest page for some yummy treats!


Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!  Here are a few things I’ve been loving this week…

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I got Black Opium perfume by Yves Saint Laurent for Christmas.  (Thanks hubby!)  There are notes of coffee, vanilla, cedar wood and orange blossom (just to name a few). It is a lovely slightly sweet, sultry, sexy scent that smells wonderful!

Lorac “I’m So Sensitive”  face primer is the first primer I have used that hasn’t clogged my pores or make me oily. It applies with a lotion-type texture that doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and helps minimize my pores.

Bath & Body Works “Celebrate” candle is their “Merry Cookie” scent with a holiday label, but smells straight up like I’m baking cookies!  On multiple occasions my hubby came home & asked what I was baking 😉.  If you like vanilla, butter & sugar cookie scents this candle was made for you!

I like love lemon…a lot!  I started using these True Lemon packs a few years ago and can’t believe I’ve never mentioned them before.  These little packets are in my purse at all times and I use them instead of asking for a lemon wedge in my water when I’m eating out.  They come in little packets (just like sugar packets) and each package is equal to 1 lemon wedge.  You can also use them in recipes that call for fresh lemon!

Okay, so those are a few things I’ve been loving this week.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I’d love to know about something you’ve been loving  this week.


Friday Favorites

I hope you all had a great week.  It was a very busy week at my house (which is why there was a lack of posts this week-sorry!)

So here are a few of the things I’ve been loving…

IMG_4993 This is the only thing that helped my dry, flaky lips after I tried a new lip product (review coming soon) that totally dried out my lips! I was so disappointed in what I tried, but this lip balm nursed my lips back to health what seemed like overnight!
I’m obsessed with these adorable cheese, dried fruit and nut snack size packs from Sargento. They only have 180 calories, have 7 grams of protein and they are a great quick snack to add to my girls lunches!  I got mine from Costco, but I’ve seen them at the grocery store too.

This stuff is crazy good!  I use this a few minutes after I put on my top coat and I’m amazed at how quickly it tries my nails! Highly recommend you give it a try,  it only takes 2 drops on each nail so it seems like it will last a good while too!

I switch between a few eyeliners and lately have been using gel eyeliner and this brush is what works best for me (and I’ve tried a lot of them)! It’s Bobbi Brown’s Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush and it’s really easy to control and the bristles are tightly packed so it applies very smooth.

So those are my favorites this week. I hope you all have a fun, safe Halloween weekend!

Friday Favorites

Another week, another set of my favorites that I’ve been loving this week!

IMG_4863 OPI Nail Envy has been keeping my nails strong. I’ve been using it as my base AND top coat and my polish is still looking good!

IMG_4809 Pumpkin Latte-yummy, Toasted Marshmallow-yummy, Fresh Nutmeg-yummy. All of those flavors mixed together=perfection!

I’m not a huge yogurt lover, but Chobani Greek yogurt in Black Cherry is yummy. I tell myself I’m eating cheesecake with cherries on top😄

Such simple words can be SO powerful!

So there are my favorites this week…what are yours?  Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites-Bath and Body Works Edition!

I thought I’d do my Friday Favorites a little different this week.  Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorites from Bath and Body Works!  Here we go…


This Bright Autumn Day soap smells so, so good! It has a blend of sweet citrus, spicy cinnamon & blonde woods which is great for Fall and is nice for those who are tired of smelling pumpkin (aka my husband!).


My girls went crazy over this Halloween themed Wallflower plug. I can’t find it online anymore, but they still might have it in store.


Of course you need a pumpkin scented Wallflower to go with your Halloween plug!! Heirloom Pumpkin is a great blend of pumpkin, creamy nutmeg & rich brown sugar that isn’t overly sweet, you still get the true pumpkin scent.


I saw this Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow room spray as I was waiting in line to pay and I couldn’t resist it. As soon as a saw the word marshmallow I was sold!! I was pleasantly surprised how long the scent lingers in the room from just one spray, so I will be getting more of these when I go there again. This scent is a nice blend of creamy vanilla & fluffy pumpkin marshmallow…yummy!

I hope you enjoyed my Bath and Body Works addition of Friday Favorites.

What scents are you enjoying?

Have a wonderful weekend.

My Friday Favorites!

Here are a few of the things I’ve been loving lately…


This candle smells SO good.  If you like the smell of apple you MUST try this candle!!  It has notes of apple, pear blossom & oak and it is wonderful.


I have been using this a lot over the summer.  It is a light, fresh, yummy vanilla scent that has a slight waffle cone note too.  It smells heavenly, but not too sweet.


This lip gloss is the perfect combination of gloss and color.  It’s from Tarte’s “skintuitive” line (their formula that responds to lips’ natural energy by using pH to deliver an exclusive berry shade that’s all your own).  It isn’t long wearing, but I like the high shine and the applicator is really easy to use


This picture doesn’t do it any justice…it’s kind of hourglass shaped and shapes to the lips perfectly!

So there you have it, a few of my favorites for the week.  I’d love to hear what you’ve been liking this week.  Have a great weekend:)