Beth’s Friday Favorite-Purple Shampoo

Happy Friday! Anyone with blond hair knows that a good purple shampoo will give you great results at cutting the brassiness that blondes often experience. Today I wanted to share with you my favorite purple shampoo.

This is by far my favorite…the purple shampoo that I never want to be without! Not only does it help with the brassiness in my hair it smells wonderful and makes my hair so incredibly soft. I always apply my purple shampoo and leave it on for about five minutes before I rinse it out. (For some reason I think that helps me achieve the best results with my hair.) I also do not use this every day. I only use purple shampoo about once a week. I have tried many purple shampoos over the past few years, but I always come back to this one. I finally stopped searching because for me this is the best one out there.

Do you use purple shampoo? I’d love to know your thoughts on purple shampoo. Leave them in the comments below.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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