Workout Wish List

Here in the Midwest the weather has been really odd.  Up until a few weeks ago the weather wasn’t to bitterly cold here and I was able to still get my  workouts in outside, but now that the colder temperatures have set in (and a little snow too) I’ve been going to the gym more.  I wanted to pick up a few new workout things so I thought I’d share with you a few of my picks that are both fashionable AND functional.  Let’s take a look at a few things I found…

Let me start out by saying that these are so freaking adorable!!  Nike is my favorite brand of athletic shoes to wear. I love all of the different styles and colors they have and they fit my foot like a glove too!

I really like the way Zella leggings fit my body and these long leggings are a good option for colder weather.  I like the way these feel on me…the material isn’t super thin and they have a hidden waistband pocket for a key which is a great bonus (and fits my locker key perfectly!).

I love any shirt with these adorable thumb holes so I knew I had to have this as soon as I saw it! I like the seaming detail too. This top is fitted so if you prefer I looser fit I’d size up on this one.

I have many pairs of Zella capri’s, but they are all solid colors.  I think these would be a nice, fun change.  They have quite a few patterns to choose from, but I liked these.

I have tried many headbands, but the wider ones work best on my hair.  These aren’t to tight and stay put on my head, thanks to the silicone grippers on the underside of the headband.

And finally I have to share with you something I already have had for awhile, but I think this is a really great addition to help those who need motivation AND those who exercise reguarally…

I’m so happy to have a Fitbit. It has been such a huge motivator for me and has helped me be more active. I got a different style for my hubby for Christmas ( Charge HR series) and he feels the same way too. It’s fun to have some (friendly) competition with him too:)



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