Tarte “Dressed To The Nines” Lipsurgence Lip Crème gift set review

I’ve been looking at all of the beautiful holiday sets from Tarte Cosmetics and ordered a few items. The first to arrive was this…


This is Tarte’s “Dressed To The Nines” Lipsurgence Lip Crème gift set that includes 9 deluxe sized LipSurgence lip crèmes.IMG_4912

I liked how the packaging is great for gift giving.  Each box contains 3 LipSurgence shades and the back of the box has “To” and “From” imprinted on the box which is great for gift giving!  I was drawn to the shade “Stunning” which is a pinky nude…

Fast forward a few hours….my lips are so dry! I haven’t had my lips feel this dry in forever. I loaded up on my favorite lip balm (Aquaphor lip repair) and went to bed.

The next day I tried another Lipsurgence shade from the Tarte set and I had the same thing happen…horribly dry lips! I didn’t even get to take a picture (oops sorry), but I’ve come to the conclusion that something in this set dries my lips out BAD! I was so bummed about that since I was so excited to try these, but I can’t even think about putting another one of these on my lips…ouch! I don’t know if this is a different formula than their full size shades because I have a few of them and didn’t have this problem?  So,  with that being said I (sadly) can’t recommend this set for the holidays.  If you do have this set I hope you are having better results than me!

Have a good day.



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