Mani Monday!

I have a container full of nail polish, some on the pricey side and some pretty inexpensive.  I’ve always been a firm believer in the “you get what you paid for” line, but I think it doesn’t apply when talking about makeup and nail polish.  I think drugstore brands are really starting to give higher end brands a “run for their money”.  Case in point…


I LOVE this nail polish! It was under $2.00 and wears incredible well (actually better than some of the pricey brands I have)!

April2015 061

I think this color is perfect for spring/summer! Does is dry in 60 seconds like its name?  No, but it dries quicker then just about any of the other brands I have and anything that helps me save a little time in my nail routine make me very happy!  My only gripe is that they only have around 10 shades in this collection so here’s to hoping they add more soon.

Have a great Monday:)


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