My Valentine’s Day (in pictures!)

I hope you all had a good weekend. I thought I’d share with you (in pictures) what we ate on Valentine’s Day. We didn’t do much, just had fun family time!

feb 2015 035

I forgot to take a picture of our yummy lunch (oops), but here is what our girls picked for dinner…heart shaped pizza! We had it delivered and this is the pizza the girls wanted. (Hubby and me had a pizza with green peppers and pepperoni on it, but it looked like it got thrown around and didn’t look very pretty so I didn’t take a picture of it).

feb 2015 040
How pretty is this cake! It is a Tiramisu cake from Whole Foods (my girls picked out cookies & cream gelato too). We were kinda bummed that when we went to cut it, it was partially frozen in the middle, but that didn’t stop us from eating it!! It was really good, but VERY sweet!

feb 2015 023
After dessert we played some games and munched on some popcorn and conversation hearts (my youngest loves these!).

I hope you all had a fun weekend.  Ever since our girls were little we have spent Valentine’s Day together as a family, which I love.  I’m really glad we started this tradition as it is something that we all look forward to doing together!

Have a great day!



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