My January Goals

Okay yes I know we are already a few weeks into January and so many people have talked about their New Years Resolutions, but I wanted to change it up and instead of resolutions make goals.  Not just my goals for 2015, I decided to share with you my goals for January 2015.  I think making monthly goals is a really good idea because you can’t put if off thinking you have to entire year, you only have one month!  So here are my 2 goals for this month:

1.  I would like to cook more for my family.  I really enjoy cooking and I love the idea of cooking a meal for my family and all of us sitting down to eat.  Maybe I should clarify on this…yes, I do cook meals for my family each night…yes, I said “meals” as in plural!  I cook a meal for my hubby and I, but my girls are VERY picky (my oldest is the pickiest) and they aren’t the best at trying new foods, so more times than I can count I end up make them a separate meal.  I do try to incorporate something from our meal to their plates for them to try, but it isn’t the easiest thing to do!  I’m going to try to be better about making only one meal and getting them to try new foods.  My youngest often likes the new foods she tries so this might be easier for her.  I think my girls helping me make dinner and seeing the time and love that goes into making a meal will help too (fingers crossed!!).

2.  I need my organize my bedroom closet.  I don’t have a very large closet, but I think I make it seem even smaller because there isn’t much organization in it.  I have mismatched hangers, shoes in boxes, shoes on the floor, long-sleeved shirts mixed in with tanks…I could go on and on, but bottom line I need to organize my closet BIG TIME!!  I know I have to take everything out of it and kind of start fresh to accomplish this.  I think once it’s done I will feel much better, plus I probably will find some things I didn’t even remember I had so it will be like getting some new outfits!

So there you have it, nothing major but two things that I have been wanted to work on.  What would you like to work on this month?  I’d love to hear, share them in the comments below!

Have a great day!



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  1. I know how you feel. My two are picky as well. My younger is a bit more adventurous and will try things off of my plate; the older one will not try anything that looks a tiny bit different. My husband and I started doing Plated in November. We have been happy with most of the dishes we receive.


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