Seventh Generation™ Natural Hand Wash review

I was sent Seventh Generation Natural Hand Wash in Mandarin Orange & Grapefruit from to try out for free* (it also comes in Unscented and Lavender Flower & Mint).  I haven’t ever tried this brand before so I was excited to try it.  According to their website:


Natural Hand Wash in a 12 fl. oz. designer bottle

Hand Wash with no triclosan, dyes, or phthalates

Hand Wash made with plant-based ingredients

Hypoallergenic Hand Wash formula


I put it at my kitchen sink and tried it out. The first thing I noticed was that it seemed like I had to pump a lot of the soap in my hand to get it to foam up and the scent didn’t knock my socks off, it was just ok. (Prior to using this soap I had Method soap at my kitchen sink and was happy with the way it smelled and the suds I got from it). I left it for the rest of my family to use and nobody said anything to me about it! I asked my oldest daughter what she thought and she said it was ok, but she liked the other stuff better (turns out that was what everyone in my house thought, including myself). I did notice that after using it my hands felt moisturized and not dry which I appreciate.
So as you can tell this product didn’t end up to be a game changer for me. I really like that it’s a natural hand wash, but I think I’ll stick with my Method hand soap. Just because this didn’t end up working for me, it might be something you like. If your interesting in trying this soap there is a link below for a coupon. If you do try it or have I’d like to hear what you think of it!  Have a good day.

*I was sent this product for review, but all thoughts are my own.


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