Tree Hut Sugar Scrub review

I really love to use body scrubs in the shower (in particular sugar scrubs). I use them year round and have a few that I like, but last time I was at Ulta I decided to try Tree Hut brand. I have heard from a few bloggers that their scrubs & body butters smelling great, but wow they really smell REALLY, REALLY amazing!  After smelling all the scents they had I picked Brazilian Nut and I’m really glad I did! It is a fine, gentle sugar scrub that rinses off easily and leaves my skin soft, but not greasy.  Their website says:

Experience intense exfoliation with Tree Hut Sugar Body Scrub with the sweet scent of Brazilian Nut. Using vitamins A, C and E, natural Brazil nut oil hydrates and repairs, damaged skin

The scent isn’t over powering at all and doesn’t interfere with my perfume. Actually I wish the scent stayed with me after I get out of the shower so I’m going back to Ulta and get the matching body butter to use with it! Have you used any Tree Hut products? If so I’d love to know what your favorite was.

Have a great day!



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