I can’t believe summer vacation is over

Each year it seems like my girls summer vacation goes by so fast.  As soon as I see school supplies hit the shelves I know summer will soon be ending.  I hear so many parents talk about how happy they are when school starts up again, but not me.  I really enjoy and look forward to having that time to spend with them.  When their summer vacation comes to an end and they are back at school the house seems SO quiet…to quiet.  Yes, it is much easier to schedule my hair cut  and to go to the grocery store without them asking for everything they see (and my youngest always seems to find a stuffed animal she wants everywhere we go…seriously she has amazing eye sight or something!), but it’s also fun to have them with me.  I know it will get easier and I’ll get into my “school year” routine, but for right now I’m just missing them.  Do any of you go through this when your kids start a new school year?


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