Did you remember your sunscreen?

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine was filled with softball games and barbeques with family…perfect summertime weekend in my opinion.  The weather was a little crazy this weekend too.  VERY hot and humid during the day and a few thunderstorms off and on during the evening hours.  Since school has been out weekends at my house have mainly consisted of softball games for both of my girls and that means sitting outside in the blazing sun…ouch!  I applied (and even re-applied) sunblock this weekend on the girls, hubby and myself and I still ending up getting a sunburn on my shoulders, chest and forehead!  My husband and girls were blessed with tanner skin and don’t seem to burn, but I have fair skin and the sun got me!  When I work up on Monday it was much better and the redness had turned to an ever so slight tan color.  That being said this is just a reminder to always remember to apply sunblock/sunscreen to you and your love one’s everyday (especially in the summer, but year round is best).  I have been buying my sunblock in a spray form for the body, but I think I’ll go back to lotion so I’m sure everything is getting protected!  When I was younger I use to lay out in the sun, but haven’t done that for at least 12 years.  I see my dermatologist yearly to check my skin and moles to make sure everything look ok and I have even had to have a few questionable moles removed (most recently earlier this year I had to have on my back and one on the bottom of my foot “punched” out…I didn’t even know I had a mole on the bottom of my foot…weird!).  Thankfully all of mine have come back okay.  I don’t mean to preach this is just a gentle reminder to take care of your skin!


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