Breakfast Fit For A King…and Me!

Tonga Toast from Disney's Polynesian Resort

Tonga Toast from Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Last week I was telling you about the great time I had in Disney World and I also mentioned all of the yummy food I ate too.  I’m  not a big breakfast eater, but on vacation I splurge and boy I’m glad I did on this breakfast!  This is the awesome breakfast I had from Kona Café (inside the Polynesian Resort) called Tonga Toast.  It is banana stuffed French toast rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with a warm strawberry sauce).  Our server told me it was their most popular breakfast and so I had to have it!  I’m SO glad I did.  It was really yummy.  I have been looking on Pinterest for a recipe to try to make this at home and I found one (I posted it on my Pinterest page so if your interested in trying take a look over there).  Have you ever tried this?  If so I’d love to know if you liked it as much as me!

Have a great day:)



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