Winter Hand Help

After a really wonderful weekend of weather, I think we are finally heading in the direction of Spring!  Unfortunately the damage is already been done and my hands are SO dry!  They started feeling dry a few weeks ago and then the started looking red…yikes!   I had been using Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil (hand cream) and it was working good until the last bout of super cold weather we had a few weeks ago, then it kinda stopped working for me!  I went to the store in a panic searching the lotion isle for anything I thought would help me.  I ended up picking up two products that were suppose to help heal very dry skin….one did nothing for me and I ended up giving it to my friend (can’t even remember the name of it), but the second one I tried helped my hands (and my daughters) really well.  In a few days my hands were almost back to normal!


The tube of Vaseline Repairing Moisture is labeled as a body lotion, but it was the perfect texture (thicker than your typical body lotion)  for my hands-also it’s non-greasy. The tube states it’s “fragrance free-relieves very dry skin in 1 use helps heal dry skin in 3 days”.  Yes I did notice that it did help my skin after using it just one time, but it took about a week for my hands to feel completely “healed”.  The claim of fragrance free is almost true.  To me it smelled just like a jar of Vaseline, but the scent went away quickly & it didn’t bother me.  (Actually even if it smelled bad I probably would have used it anyway since it made my hands feel better after applying it!)  Now that my hands are looking and feeling better I keep this on my nightstand and use it at night before I go to bed.  I have been able to go back to my Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil (love this stuff) for use during the day and my hands look and feel great!

Have a wonderful day!




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