I won’t leave the house without…

I’m sure many of you have those mornings where your rushing around to get out the door.  I sure know I do:)  Weekends are a little more relaxed in my house, but during the week getting the kids in the car and off to school can sometimes be a challenge!  I try to do as much as I can the night before and if I’m just dropping them at school I don’t feel the need to put any makeup on (sunglasses are all I need!).  It got me thinking, if I had to pick between putting on products which would I pick?

eyeliner or mascara?  MASCARA…I have pale, short blond lashes…enough said!

eyebrows or mascara?  MASCARA

eye shadow or eyeliner?  EYELINER

foundation or powder?  FOUNDATION

bronzer or blush?  BRONZER

lipgloss or lipstick?  LIPGLOSS

mascara or foundation:  FOUNDATION…I think!

Which would you choose?


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