My favorite facial cleanser…and it’s from the drugstore!

I have been using Alpha Hydrox The Original Foaming Face Wash for over 3 years and I honestly can’t remember who or where I heard about it!  I have tried so many face washes for oily skin and hadn’t been overly impressed with any of them.  I always spent a lot of money on them and none of them seemed worth it.  I do remember being nervous about using a drugstore cleanser and worried it would break me out, but for some reason I decided to try Alpha Hydrox  and I’m so glad I did!  Here we are over three years later and this is the cleanser I use every night (with my Clarisonic of coarse!) and I’m really, really happy with it.  It doesn’t dry me out or make me break out and my face feels really comfortable after I use it.  I also LOVE that it isn’t full of fragrance!  Here is what the box reads:

Gently cleanses while maintaining skin’s moisture level. Safely and effectively removes eye makeup. Removes impurities and environmental pollutants. Rich-foaming lather rinses clean, leaving no irritating residue. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and fresh, never dry. This product is designed for all skin types, although those with oily or problem-prone skin will truly benefit from this clarifying cleanser. It leaves your skin at the right pH for effective use of Alpha Hydrox AHA products. 


This face wash foams up well without using to much of it.  Also it’s oil, soap and fragrance free!  The last thing about it is the price!  I love that it doesn’t cost a fortune (I get mine from Walgreens for $9.50 for 6.0 oz.).  I’m not sure why this product doesn’t get more buzz, but that’s fine with me!  Have you every used this cleanser?  I’d love to know if you love it as much as I do!  Have a great day!


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