Makeup Primer…take it or leave it?

There is so much talk about primers these days.   Face primer, eye primer and eye lash primer.  Do you use any (or all) of these?

First let’s talk about face primer.  I have oily skin that is prone to breakouts.  It’s hard to find a primer without silicones that works for my skin.  What I’m looking for in a primer is oil control.  I feel like I’ve tried them all and none of them work for me:(

Next is eye primer.  Too Faced Shadow Insurance is what I’ve been using and it does work really well at keeping my shadow from creasing.  I have fair skin and I have freckles on my eye lids so I would really like to find an eye primer that has a hint of color to cover the freckles on my eye lids.  For some reason a lot of the tinted eye shadow primers have shimmer/sparkle to them which is not what I’m looking for.  If you have any suggestions I’ll love to hear about it.  Until then I’ll stick with my Too Faced!

Lastly is eye lash primer.  Of all the primers I’ve written about above this is the one I see the best results from.  What I read on the package actually really happens when I apply it.  My absolute favorite is Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum by Dior I apply this to my lashes every day prior to mascara (after I curl my lashes of coarse) and it’s amazing how much it makes my lashes appear longer and thicker.  When I started doing research about this what caught my attention was that the website writes “it creates a smooth, even mascara base and promotes long-term lash growth, strength, and vitality”.  Yes please!  I have used Dior mascara with this in the past, but not always and I still get really good results.  In my opinion this is definitely worth using!

What kind of luck have you had with primers?  If you have one you absolutely love please let me know about it.

Have a great day!


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  1. Good question! I often ask myself the same thing. In my opinion, eye primer=yes. Face primer=no (or maybe). Eye primer really makes a huge difference in staying power of eyeshadow and prevents creasing. Urban decay and Benefit make great ones. But face primer? I just use my favorite moisturizer and I think it works just as well. Unless you have large pores, in that case I’d recommend a pore-refining primer. 🙂


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