Michael Kors Watches

I think I have a slight obsession with Michael Kors watches!  I know I only can wear one watch at a time (well I guess I could wear one of each wrist, but that would just be weird!). I have a few of his watches and they are all really good quality and still look brand new! I have a small wrist so I do have to make sure I don’t get some of his watches that are too big and take up my entire wrist, but I’ve found there is a good selection of case diameter sizes to fit everyone’s style. How is it that Michael Kors can come up with such wonderful, beautiful watches season after season?? My current obsession is the watches I keep seeing in magazines with the beautiful colored face dials! The gold watch with the hot pink dial is so pretty and the rose gold with blue dial is stunning too! I love them all so much. The next watch I’m on the hunt for is a ceramic white watch with gold detailing (Michael Kors of course!). There is something about the combination of gold and white that makes me smile! What brand and style of watch do you like?


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