It’s finally Friday!!

Is it just me or has this week lasted forever?  I think this cold, snowy weather that keeps popping in on us is why it seems so long.  I’m really ready for some warmer weather…Spring can come any time now!  We had snow head our way (again) on Tuesday and the kids had a snow day on Wednesday.  The only bummer is that it was SO, SO cold outside that it wasn’t even fun for them to play in the snow so we had some fun inside instead.  We watched movies, played some board games, stayed in our PJ’s all day (love it) and even made some cupcakes that we enjoyed after lunch.  Ok I admit it we enjoyed them after dinner too!  I think every once in a while it’s good to have a lazy day and just relax and enjoy the moment.  Now that I look at it we sure did a lot for a “lazy” day!  We have a busy weekend of sports and Girl Scouts so I’m glad we had a middle of the week lazy day!  I would love to know what fun things you and your family do when you have a snow day, or lazy days!  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.


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